Journal History

PLJ will publish the only paper strictly following PLJ guidelines and manuscript preparation. Those papers are read by editorial members (upon field of specialisation) and will be screened by Managing Editor to meet necessary criteria of PLJ publication. Manuscripts will be sent to two peer-reviewers based on their historical experience in reviewing manuscript or based on their field of specialisation. Our editor will assess your manuscript guidelines and the decisions will be based on review report from the reviewers. Reviewers will give their assessment on originality, clarity of presentation, contribution to the science.

PLJ has three kind of decisions:

  1. Accepted, as it is
  2. Accepted by Minor Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  3. Accepted by Major Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  4. Rejected (generally, on grounds of outside of scope and aim, major technical description problems, lack of clarity of presentation)

PLJ do not allow the existence of plagiarism in any manuscript. Therefore, our board will check the article before. Editorial Board will screen plagiarism manually on the Title and Abstract of the manuscript by using Google engine. If it is found plagiarism indication, editorial board will reject manuscript immediately.

Before publishing, it is required to obtain written confirmation from authors in order to acquire copyrights for papers published in the journal. Authors must sign the Transfer Copy Right form as follows: The undersigned hereby transfer any and all rights in and to the paper including without limitation all copyrights to Papua Law Journal (Downloadable at: